Fianancial data


The solvency and reliability of the company is based on sound financial management and the ever-increasing course of its financial figures.

See the basic financial data (Balance Sheets) of our company per financial year.


What we offer

The company is comprised of a generous fleet of privately-owned trucks of various types and dimensions (fridge/container/canvas). We also operate a GPS Fleet Control system.

We have long-term partnerships with the largest industries/companies in country. With an active role in national transport and logistics services throughout Greece our aim is to simplify transportation of other carrier companies and goods providers.


Cargoland offers a team of professionals to take care of your warehouse management needs.

Contract logistics

We can be your partner warehouse that will receive, store, and ship goods based on the details of an agreed-upon contract.


Whether you’re looking to move a small load, or an entire warehouse’s worth of inventory, we’re your go-to company.

Stuffing containers

With an experienced team of professionals, we can quickly, efficiently and properly fill in containers.

Packing services

We specialize in packaging and sorting as well as loading/unloading goods for our customers of all shapes and sizes.

Order picking​

The Order picking service we provide is custom-tailored for any specific need, so it’s never a one-size-fits all product.

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